Friday, 9 February 2018

Joshua 10:9 Joshua therefore came upon them suddenly, having marched all night.

I just want to take a moment and grab some surrounding context. Gibeon made peace with Israel. Another king named Adoni-Zedek heard of all that was taking place and decided to get ten other kings to come help lay siege on Gibeon. It’s at this moment when Gibeon is being attacked that the people call out to the Israelites for help and they come to their aid. “Joshua therefore came upon them suddenly, having marched all night.”.There is not a moment in this where I think that Joshua looked at the Lord and said to Him “ Man, can we take a break? I’m exhausted!” I don’t believe for a second that Joshua went before the Lord with that request. Joshua had just received a word from the Lord “ Do not fear them, for I have delivered them into your hand; not a man of them shall stand before you.” I believe that Joshua was filled with zeal ready to fight for the Lord even after marching all night. In II Timothy 4:6 Paul is boldly talking about how he is already being poured out as a drink offering. He states how he has fought the good fight and have finished the race having kept the faith. I see in the life of Paul how hard he ran, how zealous he was. How hard Paul fought the good fight of faith is challenging. And as I see how Joshua received his marching orders and marched all night long and then suddenly came upon the attacking army and he was instantly in battle. I know for a fact that I have not been like Joshua in this situation. I’m over here just taking rest when I should be hoping for more opportunity to be poured out. I don’t want to hold anything back. I don’t want to reserve anything. I want to be able to state boldly as Paul did. “I am already being poured out.” I know I have been holding back and I know I have more to give. I want to be poured out so that I may be refilled just to be poured completely out again.

Application: Share this IBS with one of my teammates and ask that if they see me slacking and not allowing God to use me, not allowing myself to be poured completely out that they would set me aside and remind me of this.

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