Saturday, 31 March 2018

Genesis 22:1-17

We all know the story of Abraham and Isaac and oh how easy it is to look over it as a story we have read over and over and think how we’re so familiar with this portion of scripture until the Holy Spirit tugs on your spirit and then the Word becomes alive and active . Lately I’ve been dealing with this sense of reserve as if U;m not full committed to the Lord, and then I begin to pray and ask what is it that I’m holding onto so dearly; Then these things start to spring forth from my heart as like a well and I find myself realizing that maybe its not just that I ‘feel like’ there is reserve but that there really is. For this God has been bringing me to Abraham and how he dealt with it. I can only imagine how Abraham wrestled with the thought of sacrificing his son. The inner turmoil, the questions running through his mind and after all that, after he wrestled with it long enough he realized there was nothing else to do but to submit. And there comes the resolve. Realizing that if his son is what God required then he was willing to give him to the Lord fully. Isaac was his everything, within Isaac rested even the promises of God. Abraham trusted God with Isaac, his own son and that’s a challenge to me to be willing to give everything up for God.

Application: I will make a commitment to the Lord to lay down what it is that God has brought to my attention for a time and have one of my teammates hold me accountable.

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